Malaysian palm oil price slips on forecasts of output rise

palm oil price

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian palm oil futures declined at the midday break on Monday, in line for a second session of losses in three, on concerns that production could rise in the coming weeks.

China Chili Fest Gets Off To Scorching Start

china cili fest

An annual chili pepper festival kicked off Monday in central China's spice-loving Hunan province with a chili-eating contest in which the winner set a blistering pace by downing a gut-busting 50 peppers in just over a minute.

Chinese Police: Your Supplement Pills may be Fake

Your Supplement Pills may be Fake

Police in southern China have seized more than 30 million yuan ($6.3 million) worth of counterfeit products, including large hauls of popular Australian-branded wines, vitamins, foods, and cosmetics.

fish and squid

New research has uncovered that the nutritional balance of fish and squid changes and is of lower quality under warm water events, while under cold water events it is of higher quality.

India looks to increase its trade and tourism ties with Philippines

NEW DELHI, India — India is vigorously pushing for increased trade and tourism ties with the Philippines, as the country is turning to Southeast Asia to accelerate its economic development through its “Act East” policy.

Try before Die: 15 Canned Foods you didn’t know existed

Imagine building and prepping an underground bunker for your family, just in case chemically-radiated zombies would attack. What kind of food would you store? Should anything like that ever happens, here is a list of canned foods the Food Experts at Ricebowl Asia would recommend to be stored in your bunker.   


halal raid

SHAH ALAM: A snack food packaging factory in Puchong near here was raided by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) on suspicion of using the halal logo without permission from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM).


SINGAPORE: If you’re the kind of person who does not like queuing for your lunch, a new Netflix-type service for meals may arouse your appetite.

Founded in 2016, MealPal launched its subscription service for meals in Singapore, its first market in Southeast Asia. For a monthly fee of S$95.88, users will get 12 restaurant meals, which works out to S$7.99 per meal.

Dogs that eat grain-free diets may be more prone to develop a canine cardiovascular disease that has historically been seen in just a few breeds.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine and a group of veterinary diagnostic laboratories are investigating the potential link between canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and pet foods containing seeds or potatoes as main ingredients.

North Korea is welcoming a McDonald’s

North Korea is welcoming a McDonalds
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may allow a "Western hamburger franchise" into the country as a show of goodwill to the United States, according to an intelligence report described by US officials to NBC.PHOTO: AFP

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) - It is little more than a footnote in the back-and-forth over the planned North Korea summit - but the rumour of a McDonald's in Pyongyang is juicier than a three-patty Big Mac.

Asia falling out of love with rice

Lunchtime in Taipei’s Ximending district is a test of wills and patience as tourists and locals jostle at restaurants and street stalls to choose between steamed and fried dumplings, flat and thin noodles, stuffed pancakes, grills and desserts.

Raising the Bar on Nutrition

Raising the Bar on Nutrition

It’s no secret that there has been a global shift towards healthy snacking. Just walk through the aisle of your local supermarket’s snack section and you’ll begin to see chips that are ‘made from all natural ingredients’, ‘no GMOs’ and ‘no preservatives, additives or artificial colouring’. These are just some of the claims slapped across in near billboard fashion on the labels of these snack foods.


Aussies get a taste of durian beer

durian beer

MELBOURNE: The durian's strong odour may put some people off, but Peter Denison of the Foreigner Brewing Company smelled another possibility: Using the fruit as an ingredient in beer.

The Food Capital of the World

The Food Capital of the World

With its unique mix of cultures, languages and religions, Kuala Lumpur often gets described by locals as a ‘big melting pot’, where different traditions are openly celebrated.

The melting pot is also often more literal than metaphorical in Malaysia’s biggest city and capital. “Food is always the quickest way to get acquainted with a culture, and what food in Malaysia tells us is that an ethnic mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay can work, really well,” said Jeff Ramsey, a Michelin star chef from Babe restaurant based in Kuala Lumpur. But the food here takes on its very own distinct flavour that can’t be found anywhere else. “For example, when eating a large spread of Chinese food here, you won't taste much that you can find in China, if at all,” he said.

Trans Fats Should be Eliminated Worldwide
Pakistani vendors selling fried sweets made with oil containing trans fatty acids. The World Health Organization has announced a plan to eliminate the use of trans fats around the world.

The World Health Organization on Monday announced a sweeping plan that urges governments around the globe to eliminate the use of trans fats, the industrially produced edible oil that gave birth to margarine, Crisco and other artery-clogging products that have been linked to millions of premature deaths.

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