Fast Food report card: What's in your fast food meat?

(CNN) -- Our favorite fast foods could come back to bite us according to a report released Wednesday -- and it's not just the extra calories.

The new report grades the 25 largest US fast food chains on where they stand on antibiotics.

The results are a mixed bag: For the third year in a row, the only two As were awarded to Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread. More companies passed this year than ever before.

But 11 of the top 25 chains received an F, having taken "no (discernible) action to reduce use of antibiotics in their supply chains."

Nine companies didn't respond to the survey at all, just like last year.

Cambodia’s First EU Standard Organic Farm

The organic farm at Picnic Resort in Kompong Seila district, Preah Sihanouk province is the first in Cambodia to be certified as meeting European Union standards. The farm supplies about 58 types of organic produce to distributors in Phnom Penh.

A stall selling pork is seen at Maeklong market at the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand’s pig farmers are urging the government to resist pressure from the United States to open up its $3.5 billion pork market as U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to reduce U.S. trade deficits.

Trending: Higher Health snacks demand in China

Trending: Higher Health snacks demand in China

Two in five urban Chinese are currently consuming more nuts and seeds compared to half a year ago.

Snacking is often perceived as a quick and convenient, sometimes ‘rewarding’ alternative to the conventional meal times and today, more and more consumers are starting to align their focus on their health, generating a big opportunity for healthy snacks. Mintel’s new report suggests that two in five (40%) urban Chinese consumers eat more nuts and seeds today compared to six months ago. Driving the rise of demands of healthy snacks, 58 percent of consumers say that nuts and seeds taste good and 44 percent say they are convenient to eat, with a miniscule 9 percent claim nuts and seeds are unhealthy.

Malaysia’s Big Fat Problem: Walk the Talk. Time for Funding.

Compiled by The Ricebowl Asia

“We’re good at publishing obesity plans, but not funding action”: Dr E-Siong Tee, the president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia described his country’s efforts at improving health in a nation where one-in-two adults are overweight or obese.

Fruit consumption linked to lower risk of diabetes, study of 500,000 Chinese people reports

Greater consumption of fresh fruit is associated with a lower incidence of diabetes, as well as reduced complications in people who already have the condition, a large-scale observational study of Chinese people has found.

Beyond Burger goes beyond borders, taking meat-free patty to HK aisles

Beyond Meat, manufacturer of the “first refrigerated plant-based burger to sit in the meat counter” in America, has begun exporting to Hong Kong as the first step in an export drive.

Insect nutrient battle: Asian crickets pack more essential fatty acids than European mealworm

There are more essential fatty acids in the lipids of two species of crickets and a grasshopper from Asia, compared with the yellow mealworm larvae, which is widely reared in Europe for human food.

Four crucial consumer factors driving South East Asia's supplements boom

Supplement firms who view South East Asia as one homogenous market are doomed to failure, but there are four key consumer trends common to all markets, according to analysts.

Omega-3 clampdown in Indonesia: Regulator now given ‘full picture’ says national trade body

Indonesian regulators didn’t have the ‘full picture’ when they slashed the permitted daily limit for omega-3 health claims earlier this year, claims the country’s trade association boss.

Ginseng and anti-obesity: Does Asian variety offer greater weight loss hope?

Studies comparing the differing anti-obesity effects of Asian and American ginseng are urgently needed, it has been claimed, not least because they are thought to have opposite medical effects in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Meat sellers strike following crackdown in India

Meat sellers strike following crackdown in India

Meat traders from India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, are on indefinite strike to protest the new Hindu nationalist state government’s forced closure of slaughterhouses and meat shops.

Halal food manufacturers are destined to appeal even to non-Muslims

Halal is no longer the sole domain of Muslims, and is instead “a new culture many countries are keen to embrace” as they seek healthier and more sustainable food supplies.

China’s food-safety watchdog chief: ‘We could do better’

China’s food-safety watchdog chief: ‘We could do better’

China’s food regulator has acknowledged that it still faces severe challenges in maintaining food safety, even though it has seen improvements in recent years.

Fake Ferrero and Mars chocolate seized in China

Fake Ferrero and Mars chocolate seized in China

Chinese police recently seized 300,000 counterfeit chocolate pieces during the 2017 Lunar New Year worth around 700 RMB ($102) per box, after a wedding candy store owner received complaints from local consumers.

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