Business Unit

Our services & products are brought to the market via these active divisions

Our Food Ingredients Division scouts the globe for ingredients that possess unique and proven nutritional or technological properties.

With our highly trained and experienced team of food scientists, we are able to convert complex food scientific models into locally accepted and regulatory approved food concepts that cater for both local as well as multinational food-processors.

We support www.TheRiceBowl.Asia, an interactive community made by food industry experts for the food industry, focusing specifically on scientific and regulatory challenges in the Asian food market



Our Consumer Foods Division aims at introducing new consumer foods from different parts of the world to local markets.

Through in-store sampling, merchandising and optimal shelf-spacing with retailers, we market finished products directly to the local consumer, allowing us to obtain first-hand and instant feedback on the product's market-potential.

Visit www.TheBigBox.Asia to view some of our delectable consumer products.



Our Foodservice Division markets and distributes frozen foods to hotels, restaurants, wet markets and canteens.

By closely monitoring the global supply and demand dynamics of frozen meat, vegetables, fries and seafood, our teams of local sales experts are able to offer the most competitive price in any quantity, and delivered to any location, the customer requires.

Visit www.Frobox.Asia to view our array of frozen meats and products.



Our Consumer Healthcare Division aims to offer consumers the chance of pursuing a healthier lifestyle by introducing new and innovative over-the-counter healthcare products into local Asian markets.

Our highly trained and experienced food scientists understand the robust demands of the human body. By carefully selecting modern and groundbreaking healthcare products, their goal is to meet those demands.



Our Services for the Food Industry Division aims to offer comprehensive services for the Food Industry. By being in the business for over 20 years, our experts know what it takes to get your business off the plate and into the mouths of hungry customers.

Whether it's transforming websites into digital assets, unleashing your organization's full potential with innovative IT solutions, efficient distribution and order fulfillment through integrated supply chain management or utilizing our technical expertise on food applications to conceptualize & communicate food concepts, your story matters to us. Servicing mainly food industry client we pride ourselves with the knowledge that, 'Our industry is your industry'.



InHouse Brands

Homegrown by DPO International, these brands were created to offer consumers the very best DPO has to offer:

FoodCraft - Created to offer consumers & businesses a superior choice of quality specialty ingredients & blends, customized packing, fresh frozen food products & more, all tailored to the customer’s preference.

Grab&Go – Made for hungry-on-the-go consumers who require a quick & appetizing meal in-between their busy schedules. We understand the hustle & bustle of city life and that is why all our meals have convenience in mind, ready for you to ‘Grab&Go’.

Download Brochures       Visit Grab&Go


eCommerce – BIGbox Asia

Groceries, imported foods & more, delivered straight to your door.

Specially created to offer consumers a greater variety and convenience of quality food products at the lowest prices, BIGbox Asia aims to be your go-to online groceries centre that has everything you require plus a luscious amount of imported treats & snacks to satisfy all your inner cravings.

Visit to view our line of household essentials, everyday items and imported delectable delights. 


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