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Our Industry Division offers some of the market's best specialty and innovative ingredients, in any quantity, catered for big or small businesses.

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Our Retail Division distributes international food brands and consumer healthcare products to supermarket chains and other retailers.

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Our Foodservice Division markets and distributes frozen foods to local hotels, restaurants, wet markets and canteens.


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Our eCommerce Division ensures the growth of your business online whether for consumers or business through our optimized and localized digital shopping experience.


Our Services Division  provides specialized services for the food industry including marketing, food concept development, supply chain management, regulatory support and more.

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  • we buy

    We source for top-notched food products from renowned food suppliers & manufacturers.
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    • Source (for 3rd party, China & SE Asia)
    • Evaluate market feasibility
    • Audit factories when required
    • Plan market penetration
    • Negotiate prices & acquire ideal products
  • we ship

    We ensure all logistics procedures are executed in a most competent manner during shipping.
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    • Pick up from the supplier's factory
    • Advise on export documentations
    • Organize shipments
    • Import & do customs clearance
    • Deliver to warehouses
  • we sell

    Our experienced sales reps ensure our supplier’s products are well marketed, restocked & serviced.
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    • Train & manage dedicated sales teams
    • Provide pre-agreed sales-reports
    • Invoice in local currencies
    • Managa claims & returns
    • Provide credit & collection
  • we store

    Our well located regional warehouses are capable of managing inventories for a wide range of products.
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    • Check batch-based quantity and quality
    • Handle incoming & outgoing stock movements
    • Do detailed order picking & provide stock reports
    • Ensure proper storage conditions
    • Provide additional labelling
  • we market

    Need help growing your food business in Asia or in South-East Asia? Find out how we could help.
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    • Develop creative packaging designs
    • Create customised leaflets, banners &amp menu&lsquot;s
    • Develop food concepts & branding
    • Create localised digital campaigns & websites
    • Provide copywriting & editorial sevices
  • we blend & repack

    We blend single ingredients into functional premixes & repack bulk foods into consumer packs.
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    • Repack bulk foods into retail consumer packs
    • Assemble ready-to-eat fresh foodstuffs
    • Produce ready-to-eat meals
    • Blend single powders into premixes
    • Slice & marinate meat cuts
  • we distribute

    We distribute our products fast, in accurate quantities and optimal quality, wherever you are.
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    • Always ensure a timely delivery
    • Entertain any quantity, even single pieces
    • Deliver to nearby & remote locations
    • Respect the cold chain
    • Pay attention to expiry dates
  • we regulatory

    We handle regulatory affairs with authorities in approving Product Labeling, Nutritional Claims & such.
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    • Do product registrations
    • Advise on HS codes
    • Advise on Halal applications
    • Manage submissions with local MOH/FDA
    • Help coordinate local clinical studies
  • we regulatory

    We develop innovative formulations & provide advice on nutritional & technological improvements.
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    • Develop formulations
    • Provide application demo&lsquot;s
    • Organise technical seminars
    • Provide advice on nutritional improvements
    • Recommend technological improvements

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Specially created to offer consumers a greater variety and convenience of quality food products at the lowest prices, TheBigBox.Asia aims to be your go-to online groceries centre that has everything you require plus a luscious amount of imported treats & snacks to satisfy all your inner cravings.


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